Keystone Station is more than just a refueling stop in space. It's home to more than a hundred company employees and hosts a steady stream of travelers. It's a last stop before a long lonely hop to the colonies, offering a comforting glimpse of civilization to homesteaders who will never pass this way again. The station has its regular customers, too -- tanker crews, company shuttle pilots, local scrap collectors, and more. There are clean rooms for rent, a mechanical shop for repairs, and a diner where you can catch a hot meal, everything a deep-space voyager needs.

This map kit and location guide is designed to be dropped right into your spacetrucker RPG campaigns. It draws upon gritty 1980s sci-fi action flicks and is fully committed to presenting a world of retro-tech, but will fit into lots of sci-fi settings with a few adjustments. The maps and guide in this kit are best used in "theater of the mind" roleplaying, giving game masters and players a solid foundation for their storytelling while leaving lots of freedom to invent.

System-free RPG game supplement: This kit is system-agnostic, but you'll need a few six-sided dice to get full use of the location guide.

Location guide: Keystone Station is described in this 67-page PDF booklet packed with adventure seeds. It shows a player's eye view of the station as well as providing the game master with behind-the-scenes information about the station's methods of operation. Practically every compartment on the station is described.

Maps: An assortment of blueprint-style maps of Keystone Station are included, the largest measuring 56x54 inches. Each map is offered as a graphics file at 300dpi resolution for crisp printing, as well as 200dpi, 150dpi and 72dpi for easier display on a virtual tabletop, in color and in grayscale.

Here's a full look at the station:


Some sample pages from the location guide:


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