This bundle includes a selection of 35 of my fantasy/medieval themed single-layered models in 28mm/30mm scale.

Up until now, there was no other way to get a hold of these models without going in for a whole multi-layered kit. With this bundle, you get 35 single-layered models for less than $1 each. They're ready to print right away, without involving any extra skins or textures. A great choice for any game master, gaming club, store or convention organizer.

28mm-30mm Scale

These models are all designed for 28mm-30mm scale. But by following the instructions in the Paper Modeling Guide, it's easy to print them at smaller sizes, making them suitable for 15mm, 20mm and other popular gaming scales.

Ready to Print

All the models in this set are provided as single-layered PDFs. They do not have alternate skins or graphics. (See the complete Dave Graffam Models catalog for a wide range of multi-layered PDFs, giving you the means to customize the appearance of your models with optional skins.)

Easy to Build

Just download the PDFs, read through any instrictions, and print off the pages of components. Paper models should be printed onto cardstock (110 lb. paper recommended, or 199gsm) available from any office supply. All you need to assemble these models are scissors, hobby knife, aluminum ruler, cutting mat and paper glue. To make things even easier and help you get the best results, a handy Paper Modeling Guide is included with this bundle.

IMPORTANT: If you already own these model sets individually, you won't need this bundle. For example: If you own the full set of the Bombed House Paper Model, you already have the single-layered versions that are included here.



  • Archway Ruins Set
  • Bombed House
  • Crosspiece Ruins Set #1
  • Crosspiece Ruins Set #2
  • Ruined Cottage
  • Ruined Longhouse
  • Ruined Wall
  • Sniper's Wall
  • Split Ruin
  • Tall Ruin
  • Tower Ruin
  • World War Ruins #1
  • Wrecked House


  • Cargo Bales
  • Wooden Casks


  • Patrol Boat
  • Smuggler's Rowboat


  • Bait Shop
  • Cabin
  • Cottage
  • Crypt
  • Curiosity Shop
  • Dock Warehouse
  • Harbormaster's Tower
  • Hermit's Hutch
  • Longhouse
  • Net-Mender's Shack
  • Tenement
  • Thatched Cottage
  • Village Chapel
  • Village Pub
  • Warehouse
  • Watch Tower
  • West Gate
  • Widow's House

Software Requirements

You'll need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later to use these PDFs. Other PDF readers may work as well.

David Graffam 2020