B9900 Hornet Map Pack

This botanical research outpost could be located on almost any terrestrial world in a variety of science fiction settings, and is particularly well-suited for gritty spacetrucker roleplaying games. The personnel stationed at this research facility are tasked with exploring uncharted territory in their sturdy six-wheeled rovers, collecting samples to bring back for study, and operating independently for months without support.

The outpost has everything the 19-member crew needs to carry out its assignment and keep their habitat in good working order. For your roleplaying purposes, the remoteness and isolation of this facility is the perfect premise for some dark intrigues, challenging supply shortages, critical systems failures, and horrifying outbreaks of deadly alien organisms.

This RPG map pack includes color and grayscale maps that you can print out or display on your virtual tabletop, and the Photoshop source files that you can modify to your heart's content. This pack also includes a 21-page information booklet describing the outpost's features and providing lots of inspiration for creating adventures and campaigns set in this location.

  • 21-page information booklet
  • Color and grayscale maps in JPG and PNG formats
  • PSD Photoshop source files of the full-color and grayscale maps giving you total freedom to customize


Each map measures 8.5 x 11 inches at 300dpi resolution.

David Graffam 2024